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Gary’s Getting a Kick Out of His New Knee

Gary Welton is a 66-year-old Sales Rep. from Middleburg who was always on the go. An avid golfer and Tai Chi instructor, he also happens to be a 6th degree black belt in karate.

After chronic knee pain began to cramp Gary’s active lifestyle, he decided it was time to do something. He sought help from Waterbury Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Eric Olson. Gary underwent a complete personalized knee replacement procedure and says his experience with Dr. Olson and the orthopaedic team at Waterbury Hospital was “top notch. That’s why they’ve always been our hospital.”

The best part: Gary’s pain is gone and his active lifestyle is no longer on hold. He’s back to the golf course and teaching Tai Chi, with a brand new knee. Outstanding orthopaedic care, one more way we are fulfilling our commitment to provide you with world class healthcare right at home.

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June 24, 2015 News
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